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As I was writing my daily journal, my intrigued mind started pondering, "How's that whenever I open my social media account page, different products, books, movies, and other natural consumer products oriented content appear on my screen? Even when I google on anything, I see a trail of products that I like on each page I open.

So, what is the craze about having all personalized choices thrown up by my social media sites? What kind of intelligence is working behind it? From being a secluded network, the Internet brought us closer to sharing details that are business oriented. But today, my likes and dislikes about various products right from the toothpaste I use to the foot wear I buy, I can see those on my screen in social media. There is an intelligent data network behind all such simple things that we miss in day to day life.

What is Big Data?

Every noun around us is Data. Data keeps flowing into the Internet from various sources. The Internet and other telecommunication services, satellite services, apps, and mobile services have become the common hub of processed, unprocessed, structured and non-structured data in the sizes of terabytes and Petabytes. Since these data are of such voluminous size ranges, it is called the Big Data

These data are used for analysis, predictions, business intelligence, and so on.

Yes, when I create an email address for communication, I enter the following details, such as, name, password desired, age, sex, birthday, nationality, alternative email address, mobile number associated with this email account, a profile picture, the details I am usually interested in such as hobbies, entertainment, etc. Now what I have created is not only an email account for myself but also a digital record of my data in the Internet. The amount of such data collected is humongous that maintenance of such volumes of data is bigger and wider than the size of the planet that we can imagine. In short we live in a grid of data that are created, stored, accessed, shared and deleted on a daily basis.

With the advent of mobile technology, every smart phone, media, mobile device, shared network devices, has become a warehouse of huge digital data that are structured or non-structured in the form of photos, messages, videos, and data from the apps stored on the mobile devices. Data that arrives from various sources keep pouring into the Internet, and the means to use such data, process it, and use for predictive analysis is one of the key applications of Big Data.

Businesses, Health care, Education field, Trading, Bio informatics, Weather prediction analysis and many such fields use various techniques and methods to allow analysis of such data to make business decisions that supports the business. This is called Data Analytics. Interesting enough isn 't it? Now, stay tuned to my posts to learn more about Big Data-today's challenge in the field f IT.

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